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Chorney Haydn Sewell

American Roots Performance


Wednesday morning, in the year 2022, she might be leaving home ...

because she has no choice.


Chorney, Haydn and Sewell

found the lyrics of this iconic Beatles’ song profoundly relevant today, and approached the music with that in mind.


Produced by Linda Chorney and Trevor Sewell
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals - Linda Chorney
Violin and Vocals - Lili Haydn
Electric Guitar, Bass, and Vocals - Trevor Sewell

Drums - Rich Pagano
Cello - Thoger Lund

Chuck Leah - 12 string 
Keyboards - Alizon Lissance
Organ - Yoel B'nai Yehuda
Mix - Barry Rudolph
Mastering - Mike Fossenkemper

Linda Chorney

Chorney has been slugging it out for 4 decades trying to define "making it". She's garnered 2 Grammy nominations as a completely independent artist, for Americana album of the year and songwriting. Linda's an award winning filmmaker, author, and doggie mommy. She's a Beatles freak, met Paul once, but didn't get the photo, so she went back to the bench where he sat, and took a picture of her sniffing it. She has 7 albums, 2 films, and her 2nd book coming soon.

Lili Haydn

George Clinton called her the "Jimi Hendrix of the violin." Rock violinist/singer/film composer recording artist, film composer. Lili has six critically acclaimed solo albums, 20 films; and has collaborations with legendary artists Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Herbie Hancock, and Parliament Funkadelic. She is a twice nominated Grammy winner with her band Opium Moon. 

Trevor Sewell

Seven solo albums, 17 International awards and collaborations with Janis Ian, Tracy Nelson and Lorraine Crosby (Meatloaf). Trevors songs have featured on compilations alongside numerous great artists such as Robert Johnson, B.B King and Bruce Springsteen, his music being described as ‘smashing down the barriers between Contemporary Blues and Americana’.

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