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About When I Sing Movie



“Who The F$&# Is Linda Chorney?”

After decades of playing bars and resorts, bartering her music around all seven continents, opening for big names, self-producing five albums, divorced and with her stuff in storage, Linda wonders how much longer she can survive life on the road. At one performance, she notices a handsome man singing every word along with her: Scott has been in love with her music for years, and now they fall in love with each other.  Meanwhile, another fan, “The Rock Doc,” offers to finance her next effort, the album of her dreams. Scott learns of a social networking site, Grammy 365, and insists she submits it for Grammy consideration. Linda makes history as the first truly independent artist to be nominated, for “Best Americana Album.”

That nomination should be Linda’s “Cinderella Story”… but the gatekeepers decide to poop in her glass slipper. They can’t believe this “unknown” has been nominated, on her music alone, and “stolen” a place from their platinum clients. Linda receives tons of good press, but then the coverage takes a twist, accusing her of “gaming the system.” And the twin publicists who volunteered to represent her also seem intent on sabotaging her–are they stooges for her critics? Linda’s parents, friends, fellow musicians, and new fans, support her through this wild rollercoaster ride, as she learns the “dirty little secrets” of the music industry, all while dealing with a new relationship and family tragedy.  Linda tries to find the humor in the good, bad, and the ugly. Will this be her big break, or will the Grammy insanity break her?  Ultimately, it’s all about the music because, in the end, no one can hurt her when she sings.

  Starring   Linda Chorney ~ Chris Mulkey ~ Maxwell Scott

 Directed By   Robin Russin

Story by   Linda Chorney

Screenplay by   Linda Chorney ~ Douglas Raine

Produced by   Linda Chorney

 Producers   Robin U. Russin ~ Douglas Raine

Executive Producers   Scott Fadynich ~ JoAnne Hungate~Greg & Charlotte Teesdale~Clint & Debi Mabie

 Edited by   Robert Murphy ~  Linda Chorney

Filmed at   Southern Arizona Video Productions

Watch Where I Sing on Amazon Prime  

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